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Our Mission

Providing the best of three worlds of DIY online divorce with actual legal advice and life-coaching skills so you can fast-track to the good life you're meant for.

Reinventing the Divorce Experience.

We believe that while divorce can be tough, it’s also an opportunity for growth and positive change. Our mission is all about giving real-people another option to divorce in Florida, without breaking the bank or making costly mistakes without the advice of a family lawyer coupled with coaching tips to help you through. Because we know that once we get you through this, you’re headed for the next fantastic adventure life has in store for you.

We’re all about listening to your unique needs, dreams, and aspirations, and tailoring our strategies accordingly. With sound legal advice, a splash of zest and a sprinkle of humor, we help you navigate Florida’s legal maze, making sure you’re informed, empowered, and ready with the documents you need to embrace your fabulous new chapter. Join us in this exhilarating journey of transformation, where divorce becomes a launchpad for a brighter future!

Looking for answers and guidance on your divorce journey?

Let’s ensure you’re a good fit for our tailored legal assistance and services. Please note that our services are exclusively available to pre-qualified individuals who can work things out with their spouse.  Let’s embark on this journey together toward your fresh start.
Our story

Why We Want To Help You

Welcome to a new chapter, even if it wasn’t the story you had initially written. Life’s journey sometimes takes unexpected turns, and we’re here to guide you through them. When you said your vows, divorce probably wasn’t in the script. But here you are, and we’re here for you, because these moments matter – they shape your future.

Meet SplytUp, a venture powered by SplytUp and driven by our legal team. We’ve witnessed the confusion and challenges that come with litigation – from expensive attorney fees to impersonal automated services. Divorce is already a tough terrain to navigate; you shouldn’t feel stuck between unsatisfactory options.

That’s where we step in. SplytUp is your compass, providing clarity in times of uncertainty. Our mission? To blend affordability with legal guidance. Our innovative tool, SplytUp, simplifies the process of uncontested divorce in Florida.

We know that individuals going through divorce share a common desire – to move through it respectfully, efficiently, and onward to new beginnings. That’s why our firm  SplytUp doesn’t engage in courtroom battles, because we understand that most couples want a fair and swift resolution rather than a lengthy legal fight. At mediation and final hearings, we don’t litigate, recognizing that many cases find resolution without it.

This process takes a steady hand on the wheel as you navigate through the complexities, and that’s what we’re here to provide. Your fresh start isn’t just a wish; it’s a right you deserve. So let’s embark on this journey together. Navigating the intricate paths of Florida divorce? It’s a challenge, but with our firm, it’s made easy.

It’s time to SplytUp.

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Our Team

Meet Our Legal Team Based in Florida

The heart of SplytUp – our extraordinary team of dedicated legal professionals. Committed to guiding you through every step of your divorce journey to the documents and road map to engage resources in the best way possible, our stellar lineup of empathetic minds are driven by passion in making a positive impact.

Get to know the compassionate legal team who is here to guide you during this transformative chapter of your life. 


Celebrating Guiding Principles

Compassion and Empathy

At SplytUp, we know divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster, and we’re here to give you the support you deserve by being your compassionate advocates. Genuine understanding , and making sure you never feel alone in this process. With our caring team by your side, you can navigate this journey with confidence, knowing that your well-being is our top priority.

Total Transparency

We’re like an open book, but with less drama and more honesty! Trust is the foundation of our awesome partnership. From the first “hello” to the final “goodbye,” we’ll keep it real and straightforward. No sugar-coating, no hidden agendas—just good ol’ fashioned truth talk with solid legal advice and resources you need in case you and your ex hit a roadblock. We’ll walk you each step, so you’re always in the loop. (and we may even make you chuckle along the way).

Personal Approach

We understand that divorce is more than paperwork; it’s a transformative journey. With us, you have the assurance that we’re not just another legal service. We blend the best of both worlds – the empowerment of a DIY approach backed with a passionate legal team. It’s a collaborative endeavor that honors your story, your needs, and your fresh start.

SplytUp Guarantee

Your divorce journey is backed by an unwavering commitment from our legal team. We ensure that you receive court-accepted documents tailor-made for your case.

The  SplytUp Guarantee to filing your divorce is to assure you that you have the court-required documents you need. Consider it our way of saying, “We’ve got your back, no matter what.”