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Can I Modify Spousal Support?

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We get it – alimony modifications can feel like navigating through uncharted waters. But fear not, we’re here for a friendly chat to guide you through this often-complex terrain, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.

In the sunshine state, modifying alimony is indeed possible, with various factors influencing the outcome. If your final judgment included an alimony award, Florida Statute 61.14 allows modifications or terminations due to unexpected, involuntary, and substantial changes in circumstances affecting either party. These changes may include health issues, retirement, remarriage, substantial inheritance, or significant raises.

Now, let’s dive into the four types of alimony in Florida and their likelihood of being modified:

  1. Bridge-the-Gap Alimony: Typically, this type is not easily terminated or modified due to stricter eligibility rules. It’s like trying to navigate a maze with only a few exits.
  2. Rehabilitative Alimony: Modifications may be considered if the receiving spouse fails to complete specified training or if there’s a significant change in their situation. It’s like having a flexible plan that adapts to your journey.
  3. Durational Alimony: Changes in circumstances can influence a Florida court’s decision to modify durational spousal support. Think of it as adjusting the sails to navigate changing winds.
  4. Temporary Alimony: Ordered during divorce proceedings, modifications are possible if circumstances change. Proof of changed circumstances is crucial. It’s like having a temporary fix that can be adjusted as needed.

Remember, when pursuing alimony modification, you must prove a “Substantial Change in Circumstances.” Meeting this requirement is essential for a successful modification in Florida.


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