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Dissolution of Marriage with Property and No Minor or Dependent Children

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Nobody enters a marriage thinking that they would get divorced. You envision creating a wonderful happy life with the person you love and have chosen to be a partner in life. You envision purchasing a home, cars, property and building a prosperous life with one another.  

Unfortunately, sometimes life does not always work out the way we plan and creating a wonderful happy life must be done without the person you envisioned this life with…. leading to divorce.  

While divorce is not particularly easy, if you and your spouse both agree to the divorce, have no minor children in common and agree on what to do with your assets and liabilities- you are eligible for an uncontested divorce in Florida.  Since you did not have any children together or your children are all adults but have accumulated assets and liabilities (such as credit card debt) you are able to file a specific petition for dissolution of marriage with property and no children in the state of Florida.  

Working with your spouse on creating a Marital Settlement Agreement keeps your divorce cost low and makes it easier to become final within your county.  

What are the requirements for filing for an uncontested divorce with property but no dependent/minor children? 

  1. Husband or Wife files for dissolution of marriage and the husband and wife have marital assets and/or marital liabilities; 
  2. NO children have been born to the wife during the marriage (even if they are not the husband’s children) OR all of the children born during the marriage are over 18 and are NOT dependent;  
  3. You and/or your spouse have lived in Florida for at least (6) months prior to filing for Dissolution of Marriage; AND 
  4. Your spouse is cooperative and willing to complete the necessary documents including a financial affidavit. 

Transition smoothly into your next chapter with SplytUp. If you and your soon-to-be ex are navigating the path of an uncontested divorce with property and no minor/dependent children, let’s ensure it’s as seamless as possible. Discover how our streamlined process can save you both time and money. Ready to see if you qualify? Start your prequalification journey with us today. 


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