Doreen Yaffa

Founder at SplytUp

Founder at SplytUp


Say hello to Doreen Yaffa, the powerhouse behind SplytUp and also, managing partner at Yaffa Family Law Group. Doreen’s one of the rare few who’ve clinched board certification in Marital and Family Law in Florida. That’s not just a fancy title; it’s a testament to her skills in the courtroom and beyond.

With more than 28 years in the trenches of family and divorce law, she’s witnessed the grueling, expensive divorce journeys ordinary people have had to embark on. It was this backdrop of struggle and strife that sparked the idea for SplytUp. Doreen envisioned a different route to divorce – one that’s navigable and affordable for everyone that can work through their issues in a kinder way. And why not as most divorces end up settling.

While steering the ship at Yaffa Family Law Group, Doreen also wears the hat of a certified life coach and has a powerful podcast to help those after divorce, Life After Divorce Coaching. A unique feather in her cap that adds an extra layer of support for clients navigating the choppy waters of divorce.

Doreen’s an active participant in several legal associations, and she’s got special training in collaborative divorce up her sleeve. This alternative method to traditional divorce embodies Doreen’s philosophy of a less combative, more understanding approach to splitting up (a philosophy that is the basis of SplytUp).

When she’s not redefining divorce, you’ll find Doreen sharing pearls of wisdom on local radio shows, webinars, and her podcast, providing a beacon of hope for life after divorce.

So, meet Doreen Yaffa – attorney, life coach, and a believer in a better way to divorce. She’s on a mission to simplify your split and change the face of uncontested divorces in Florida. And trust us, she’s just getting started.