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So you’re a FL resident and you’ve got an unconstested case?

SplytUp is a virtual law firm that provides limited legal representation for simplified and uncontested divorces to residents in Florida to get you past the divorce and on to your best life. We are an ideal law firm for those who have decided to divorce and who agree on the division of marital assets and liabilities, child and spousal support and a Parenting Plan or will likely get to the point of agreeing on the issues. As we are a law firm, we represent only one side’s interests. While some clients may not have all the specifics down, our clients are primarily in agreement or will likely be on the same page with their soon to be ex. This is why we have our clients answer a series of questions to determine, from the onset, if our law firm is a good fit. 

When you become a client, you work closely with us by answering questions online, through our portal and electronic conferences, and together we create the documents you will need to file for your divorce. Because you work with us, we are able to offer affordable legal representation. We are different than the non lawyer do-it-yourself online divorce companies out there as these companies cannot provide legal advice, often leading to costly mistakes that their clients are stuck with for years.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the tools and mindset they need to give their unique situation the best chance of getting through to cross the finish line avoiding litigation when possible. If you and your ex run into a bit of a snag along the way, we can connect you to the resources you need to help push things along. While our initial services start with sound legal advice as to the client’s legal rights as to the divorce and the documents, they need for an uncontested divorce we also offer additional add-on services. Some of these additional services include attending mediation, assistance through the court filing process, and even appearing at the final hearing.

The goal of SplytUp is to offer those in need of a divorce an affordable option, with sound legal advice, and the mindset to stay focused on the goal of a happier better life. To see if you qualify for our divorce services you can start today by answering some simple questions. If you’re ready to start your journey to a better life, start here.

Yes. At SplytUp each client is assigned to their own Florida family law attorney and paralegal who will guide them through the paperwork with sound legal advice. You will meet with your lawyer by telecommunication and have plenty of opportunity to discuss the issues unique to your case. Your lawyer will provide you a listening ear along with sound legal advice to help you make decisions that make sense and to get you through the process in the most efficient way possible.

It’s pretty easy to see if you are a good fit for our legal service. You just answer simple questions as to your residency in Florida, general background and others that helps us determine if you and your partner may be geared at working through the issues of the divorce to an amicable resolution. Once your prequalifying questions are submitted, our


legal team reviews your answers. Within 24-48 business hours you will receive a follow up email to let you know if we are a good match for you needs and which program you qualify for. From there you can simply hire us to get started OR if you need more information, you’ll be able to set a complimentary telephone call with one of our intake specialists. Our goal is to make the prequalifying process as easy as possible and to get you on to your best life as soon as possible.

We offer our potential clients payment plans and an option to see if they qualify for financing through LawPay. Click on this link for more details on financing directly from the lender.

Sometimes it is determined that our services may not be the best fit. This might be because the residence requirements are not met or maybe it’s because the parties may have some challenges working through certain issues. This doesn’t mean that you won’t qualify in the future. We can offer helpful tips on things to consider so you can try them out and circle back with us again in the future.

Yes, you will be assigned an attorney at the beginning of your case who will ensure that all your documents are reviewed and in order. Your attorney will meet with you at the beginning of SplytUp’s representation and communicate with you throughout your representation. You will start with an initial meeting by telecommunication or phone (your preference), so we get to know each other from the get-go.

Yes, you will be assigned an attorney at the beginning of your case who will ensure that all your documents are reviewed and in order. Your attorney will meet with you at the beginning of SplytUp’s representation and communicate with you throughout our representation. You will start with an initial meeting by Zoom or phone (your preference) with your legal team, so we get to know each other from the get-go.

The exact amount of money you could save using the services of SplytUp depends on how much information you provide (and agree upon, with your spouse) regarding the terms and conditions of your divorce. At SplytUp we focus on simplified and uncontested divorces. This allows us to provide streamlined affordable legal services, with the caveat that our clients and their spouse play an active role in coming to terms on how to divide their marital assets and liabilities, agree on support and decide on child related matters, along with other issues specific to each divorce.

Once you and your partner have agreed on the issues of your divorce, filed the necessary documents, and paid the filing fee the simplified or uncontested divorce on average takes about eight weeks or less. However, the exact length of time from filing to final divorce depends on your county’s Clerk of the Court and the Court’s schedule.

Each Florida court and county sets its own filing fees. Most county clerk offices accept payment by debit or credit card, checks, money orders, or cash. Please keep in mind that we can file your divorce documents and even represent you through the final hearing to obtain your divorce at additional charges. If you cannot afford the filing fee you may ask for an Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status by clicking on this link:

If you and your soon to be ex reach a stumbling point, we can offer advice on how to work through your differences. According to the CDC, most divorces settle. In fact latest statistics show a 90% settlement rate. 

At SplytUp we understand that it takes 2 to tango and that emotions can get in the way. We provide our clients with access to resources to get you and your spouse on the same page; from mediators, to parent coordinators, life coaches and others. These resources can will provide the helpful assistance you may need to work through differences. Our life coaching services also provide insight on ways to calmly communicate with your spouse to promote a settlement mindset.

Remember, the more you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, the less expensive and time-consuming your divorce will be. However, in some situations, the parties’ differences may require court intervention. While the lawyers at SplytUp do not litigate, we can refer you to lawyers that best suit your needs.

As a law firm we represent only one side of the divorce. This way we provide legal advice to our clients based on what is in that client’s best interest. We also bring to our clients’ attention issues that they may not have considered but should be addressed. Representing one side assures that we are focused on our client’s best interests. Your spouse does not need an attorney to move forward, but they are of course legally entitled to hire one.

Child support and alimony may be modified after a final judgment is issued but only under certain circumstances and after consideration of the legal factors that must be shown. Each case needs to be looked at, case by case, by a qualified family law attorney that can provide sound legal advice.

Each court has its own specific requirements and procedures as to what is required at the final hearing of divorce. Most courts require at least one side attendance at a final hearing. In other matters, such as with a Simplified Divorce, the courts may require both parties’ attendance. Many courts conduct these hearings by video conferencing. Other courts may waive the final hearing and instead have the parties submit an additional affidavit. Our team would assist in providing specific information to your jurisdiction.

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Let’s ensure you’re a good fit for our tailored legal assistance and services. Please note that our services are exclusively available to pre-qualified individuals who can work things out with their spouse.  Let’s embark on this journey together toward your fresh start.