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What About the Divorce Mediation Process? 

What About the Divorce Mediation Process? 

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Ready to dive into the divorce mediation process? It’s a positive step, and we’re here to be your guide. Let’s unravel the details of what the divorce mediation journey looks like: 

1. Seeking Assistance with a Divorce Mediator: 

  1. If divorce discussions are underway, mediation offers valuable assistance. 
  2. It can be voluntary or court-ordered, providing unbiased opinions for a faster resolution. 
  3. The process is more accessible as legal counsel isn’t mandatory. 

2. Dispelling Mediation Myths: 

  1. A mediator doesn’t aim for one party to ‘win’ and can’t force decisions. 
  2. If resolutions aren’t reached, unresolved issues may proceed to trial. 

3. Cases Where Divorce Mediation May Not Be Suitable: 

  1. Not ideal in cases involving substance abuse, mental health issues, or any form of abuse. 
  2. When there’s an attempt to hide assets, mediation might not be the best choice. 

4. Equitable Distribution and Mediation: 

  1. Florida’s divorce process involves ‘equitable distribution,’ ensuring a fair division of assets and debts. 
  2. Mediators rely on information provided; withholding details may affect the equity of agreements. 

5. Success Relies on You: 

  1. Open communication and a willingness to share facts are key to mediation success. 
  2. With commitment from both parties, a divorce mediator can facilitate problem-solving. 

6. Divorce Mediation for All Types of Cases: 

  1. Suitable for cases with children, complex finances, low-income, or substantial assets. 
  2. Florida offers discounts for indigent spouses through the Application for Determination of Civil Indigent Status. 

7. The Power of Agreement: 

  1. Successful mediation concludes with a signed Marital Settlement Agreement. 
  2. Legally binding, this agreement is incorporated into the final judgment by the Florida court. 

Feeling uncertain about an uncontested divorce? Before making a decision, consider the positive impact of mediation. 

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