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What Happens in an Uncontested Divorce

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Embarking on the divorce journey? Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a ride down the express lane to marital freedom! Picture this: an uncontested divorce is like cruising down the highway with the wind in your hair, especially when you and your soon-to-be ex are singing from the same sheet of music on everything from alimony to who gets the favorite couch. Let’s take the mystery out of this process and have a smoother divorce journey!

Qualifying for the Express Lane:

First stop: Residency Check! Make sure you or your partner have been soaking up that Florida sunshine for at least six months before you hit the filing button. 

Next up, No-Fault Freedom! Florida’s all about “irreconcilable differences” as the ticket to divorce town. Just say the magic words, and you’re off on your adventure. (Check out Florida Statute 61.052 for more details.)

Your Express Lane Journey:

  1. Fill Out the Petition: Start by tackling the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Pick the right form based on whether there are mini-humans or joint property in the mix. (Check out the Florida Petition for Dissolution of Marriage Forms for your roadmap.)
  2. Parenting Plan Pitstop: If the kiddos are part of your crew, map out a parenting plan that’s all about sunshine and rainbows, in line with Florida Statute 61.13. (Don’t forget to pack your Florida Parenting Plan Forms!)
  3. Financial Affidavit Alley: Time to dive into the money! Both parties need to spill the beans on assets and liabilities, either together or flying solo. Psst, you can even choose to keep your financial secrets locked away with a Notice of Joint Verified Waiver of Filing Financial Affidavits. (Check out the Family Law Financial Affidavit (Short Form) and Family Law Financial Affidavit (Long Form) for the details.)
  4. Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) Magic: Put all your agreements into one shiny document – your very own roadmap for this wild ride ahead. (Find your treasure map in the Florida Marital Settlement Agreement.)
  5. Court Submission: Hit send on those forms and pay the filing fee – you’re almost there!
  6. Final Judgment Finish Line: The court waves the checkered flag, and bam – you’ve crossed the finish line!

Your journey to an uncontested divorce doesn’t have to be a wild ride. Sure, the express lane might be faster than a rocket ship, but it’s not without its twists and turns. But fear not – we’re here to guide you through every twist and turn of this exhilarating journey.

In this streamlined process, where agreement is the name of the game, we get how important every step is. Your uncontested divorce might be on the fast track, but it’s still a major chapter in your book of life. Our mission? To make sure you feel like the superhero of your own story, empowered and informed at every mile marker. So, strap in and get ready – this is going to be one epic adventure! 🚀


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